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"This retreat is a reflection of my desire for creative women to pursue not only the success of their brand, but also the success of each other. Solace was envisioned in accordance with its definition to give: support to, comfort to, cheer to. 

As we gather, my intention is for women of different artistic pursuits, at different stages, to contribute to the growth of creativity and inspiration that is needed to establish identity within their craft. In pursuit of identity, practices of self-reflection partnered with times of relaxation are designed to be carried with you throughout your work. This is not intended to be a workshop; it is an invitation to stop, reflect, recharge and continue into your season with an overflow of assurance and clear sense of who you are as well as the brand you represent. 

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Solace will be nestled on the scenic cliff side in Elk, California at the historic Cuffey’s Cove Ranch. We will be surrounded by the pristine meadows and lush green forests the enchanting Mendocino Coastline has to offer. The weekend activities include group discussions with conversational prompts that pertain to the current struggles we face as creative women in a media driven world, space for journaling/reflection, over two miles of coastal ranch property to explore, individual portraits by Meagan Floris, and last but not least a group collaborative project specifically designed for the individual giftings each attendee brings to Solace. There are many details and surprises that lie in wait for you to discover."


The above was taken from the original Solace letter, and is exactly what my heart falls back on everytime I reflect over this retreat. My desire for Solace included partnerships with creatives that I truly believed to elevate the weekend, and as much as I honor and stand by their value, I needed to take a step back. I needed to ask myself what I really wanted this to be. 

I wanted women to gather. 

So I made some choices, modified needs versus wants and decided to use this trip as a starting point for future retreats. 

Hospitality is my heart, and its with the fullest heart that I share with you some (but not all…) of the special gifts we have for you upon your arrival, each guest will receive handmade apothecary, custom candle and an array of beautiful downloadable images from fellow creative Meagan Floris. I want you to feel loved, I want you to feel adored… and most importantly I want you to feel your worth. 

Thank you for sharing interest in this dream of mine, ticket pricing includes all lodging, food, yoga, class content, photos, weekend perks. Travel is not included. Contact me at, to arrange your non refundable deposit of $300 to reserve your space.

T H U R S D A Y   A P R I L  1 2 ,   2 0 1 8   3  P M  – M O N D A Y   A P R I L  1 6 ,   2 0 1 8   1 0  A M


Room details, travel suggestions and preferences will be sent to you upon the delivery of your deposit. 

To see more of our amazing venue you can find pictures of the space at